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Here's what current CNS students have to say about their internship experience:

At Boston Children's Hospital, I learned numerous different lab skills that I will be able to utilize elsewhere. I also got to experience the lab setting for the first time outside of a classroom and confirmed I'm in the right major and on the right track. --Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major

At Yale, I designed and ran some CSF experiments using a HPLC machine to test dopamine reactions in animal cells containing Parkinson's disease. I worked under a professor and helped to write out, design, and carry out lab experiments. I love the field hands-on experience, it really showed me that I have a true passion for pharmaceutical research. --Psychological and Brain Sciences major

I got to be an Explainer at the Smithsonian's National Air and Space Museum. I enjoyed interacting with hundreds of people on a daily basis, and getting to explain the physics of flight. --Physics major

At Foresite Managed Services I worked on documenting, testing, and debugging software prior to deployment. It was great getting hands on experience with software development and working toward building a functional software application. I also enjoyed the teamwork and camaraderie. --Mathematics and Statistics major

I worked in the town of Westford's Engineering Department testing and analyzing Westford's local ponds, lakes and brooks for contaminants. We needed to analyze the state of the water in order to obtain a permit from the EPA allowing Westford's MS4 drainage system. I enjoyed going out into the field and testing water, opening catch basins to inspect pipes and even staying in the office doing research. --Environmental Science major

I worked as a quality control chemist at Robertet Flavors Inc. I worked in the raw materials section, which means that every single raw material that entered the building had to undergo quantitative and qualitative tests specific to itself before it could be used in production. It was a great work environment, good work hours, and great analytical chemistry experience. I also liked the real-world chemistry experience. --Chemistry major

At Genzyme, I helped with in vivo studies conducted by the pharmacology and toxicology department at Genzyme that investigated the safety and efficacy of potential new drugs. I enjoyed being able to participate in study design, to carry out my own project, and to present my work at the end of the summer. --Biochemistry and Molecular Biology major