Emergency Phone Numbers

If you have an emergency (lockout, stuck elevator, water leak, etc.) please call the Physical Plant Emergency hotline at (413) 545-6401. CNS Building Coordinators Contact Information

Lab Procedures for Campus Closures

When the university decides to close, such as during a winter storm, all university faculty, staff, and students must leave campus and remain away until the university reopens. The research community is asked to review these Lab Procedures for Campus Closure.

PI/Lab Manager Extended Absence Procedures

When leaving campus for an extended absence, whether for a winter storm or vacation, please help conserve energy. Should the university lose regional electric power supply, follow these Extended Absence Power Conservation Procedures to allow the campus central heating/cooling plant to carry as much of the campus electrical load as possible.

Environmental Health & Safety (EH&S)

The office of Environmental Health and Safety (EH&S) oversees campus safety, construction safety, emergency management, environmental safety, event planning, fire safety, food safety, haz mat management, incidents, indoor environmental issues, and laboratory and research safety. EH&S responds to chemical spills, fires, fire alarms, safety and health concerns 24/7. (413) 545-2682 Phone; (413) 545-2600 Fax.

Campus Building Addresses

This list of Campus Building Addresses includes the correct USPS mailing address and zip code.

Research Administration & Compliance

The office of Research Administration & Compliance oversees all compliance requirements related to research under one coordinated unit. Its policies, procedures, and guidelines are designed to support the responsible and ethical conduct of university research and to ensure adherence to all laws and regulations guiding research.