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Life Sciences Laboratories (LSL)

The $160 million Life Sciences Laboratories (LSL), which opened in 2013, is designed for 21st century research: it is designed to facilitate the type of interdisciplinary collaboration and applied research that can shorten that gap between scientific innovation and technological advancement.

The opportunities afforded with the new building, which is part of the campus’s fast-growing life sciences precinct, lie in both its state-of-the-art facilities and the way research will be conducted. The design allows for a collaborative environment, encouraging cross-fertilization of ideas between researchers from various fields and from industry.

Faculty researching similar issues work in closer proximity and across disciplines through the LSL's flexible open research labs, which offer equipment alcoves, enclosed support labs, shared platform labs and faculty offices, labs, conference rooms, colloquia, and food serving areas. The north wing of the LSL houses 32 faculty labs.

The Institute for Applied Life Sciences

The south wing of the Life Sciences Laboratories, completed in 2015, is the permanent home to the interdisciplinary, entrepreneurial, and collaborative Institute for Applied Life Sciences (IALS). IALS is the umbrella organization for nearly 100 faculty, staff, and students from three colleges and 16 departments who conduct research and receive practical education and training through the institute and its three life sciences centers: