Congratulations to our Department of Food Science graduates! 

We are excited to celebrate you, your hard work, and your ability to overcome some tough challenges over the past few years. After checking out our celebration page, click on the CNS celebration page to hear from Dean Tricia Serio and the CNS Advising Center. Then head over to CNS' social media platforms (Instagram: @UMassCNS, Twitter: @UMass_CNS, Facebook: @CollegeofNaturalSciencesUMassAmherst) to post your congratulatory messages to our graduates using the hashtag #CNSGrads2021


  • Chotika Apaipakdee
  • Louisa Cook Bachman
  • Michael Stephen Cahill III
  • Kayla Goodridge
  • Amanda Isabella Groblewski
  • Aislinn Elizabeth Guinee
  • Paul Lapsley
  • Jeanette Anne Manship
  • Jacob Matthew Murphy
  • Tung Thanh Phan
  • Jianfei Shen
  • Emily Steen
  • Michael Yuri Steigman
  • Rongze Sun
  • Matias Vega Figallo