Chancellor in a group selfie with students at move-in day for first-years, September 2018

‘The right guy for the right job at the right time’

Chancellor’s vision for the university featured 

January 11, 2019

The Boston Globe writes a lengthy feature on Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy’s vision for UMass Amherst and its place in the future of higher education. Touching upon the tremendous research happening at CNS and all over campus, including at the new Institute for Applied Life Sciences, the piece showcases momentum in rankings and the rising academic profile of our students as we educate talented scientists for the state’s innovation economy.  


In this excerpt, the Chancellor, known affectionately as 'Swamy,' also discusses the importance of the Mount Ida campus as a component of his vision to connect UMass Amherst more closely with the Greater Boston knowledge economy. 

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To thrive in the future, Subbaswamy tells the group, universities must ensure quality, leverage their scale, and go from providing a four-year transactional  relationship to becoming a partner that students will turn to — in person,  online, or both — at any point in their lives when they need new skills or credentials. “We feel that the Newton campus has a major role to play for our students who right now are unfortunately outside of where all the action is happening,” he says. 

. . . [Having] a presence in the humming east will allow UMass students to spend a semester or two in the Mount Ida dorms, pursuing the internships they need to graduate with work experience. Yet undergraduate internships are just one part of his vision for Mount Ida. Subbaswamy also plans to use the new campus to foster that lifelong partnership with alumni. Since so many UMass Amherst grads live where the jobs are, in metro Boston, he wants them to think of their alma mater when they need graduate work, “upskilling,” or executive training, whether they end up taking these courses in person in Newton or online. 

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