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Olivia, Christian, and Vladimir Geneus: Remarkable CNS Alum!

Siblings Vladimir, Christian, and Olivia Geneus each graduated from the College of Natural Sciences (CNS) between 2009 and 2017 and have since gone on to highly successful careers.   

September 20, 2022

The Geneuses were born and grew up in Boston. They credit their physician parents for instilling a love of science and math and for encouraging them to always remain curious and follow opportunities. 

Within and beyond their respective STEM careers, they collaborate at workshops, conferences, on scientific papers, in founding a scientific consulting company- Mergen Research- and in nonprofit endeavors that support students of color in pursuing careers in STEM. 

They recently made time to reminisce about their experience at CNS and UMass:

Christian Geneus

Vladimir Geneus
UMass 2009, BS Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics

Currently: PhD Scientific Manager with the Data and Statical Sciences group at AbbVie, Inc

Awards: Recipient and graduate of the Florida Education Fund’s McKnight Fellowship (2015-2016, 2016-2017)

Vladimir GeneusChristian Geneus
UMass 2011, BS, Physics

Currently: Corporate Functions (CF) Research and Development (R&D) PhD Research Scientist and Statistician within the Data and Modeling Sciences (D&MS) department at Proctor and Gamble.

Awards: Recipient of the “Spotlight Award” at P&G (2020), Multiple “Power of You” awards (2020/2021), "Raising Star Award" for relevant business contributions as a new hire having less than 2 years of experience (2022), Richard S. Kurz, PhD Outstanding Student Award (2015); Excellence in Biostatistics (2017/2018)

Olivia GeneusOlivia Geneus
UMass, 2017, BS, Physics and Public Health, concentration in Health Sciences

Currently: PhD Design Hub Data Insight Scientist within the Clinical Development in Immunology, Neuroscience, and Pain at Eli Lilly and Company.

Awards: Arthur A. Schomburg Fellowship (University at Buffalo, 2019-2022), SMDP Biotech Scholar (2021), Forbes (2021), Physics World Magazine (2021), NBC’s WGRZ-TV (2021), NSF Center for Sustainable Nanotechnology (2021), The Science Talk (2021), Visiting Scientists Fellowship (2022)

Why did you choose UMass? 

Vladimir: For one, it is an internationally recognized top public university in the country; also, I wanted to be closer to my family in Boston. And, you can’t beat in-state tuition! Although there was a slight adjustment period in the beginning, I wouldn’t take my time at UMass back for anything. I was mentored by great professors and made amazing lifelong friends. 

Christian: UMass presented a unique opportunity as one of the prestigious state schools, not only in Massachusetts, but in the nation. As a Boston native, it was important for me to be close to home. And, at the time, my brother was already at UMass, so choosing UMass was a no-brainer. The campus was gorgeous, and I thoroughly enjoyed my time at UMass!  

Olivia: My older brothers were both UMass Alumni. I witnessed their growth and pursuit of higher education after graduation. Several years later, I decided to attend UMass to obtain the best education and to witness my own growth and journey to higher education. 

How did UMass prepare you for your career?

Vladimir: UMass invited me to explore options in graduate school, and ultimately led me to the path that I’m on. I received great mentorship and developed a strong work ethic, both significant components for post undergraduate success. UMass also gave me a sense of belonging and helped me combat any feelings of imposter syndrome. 

Christian: The professors and mentors were especially helpful in shaping me to be the best version of myself. The rigorous training I received propelled me to wanting more, being the avid learner that I am. 

Olivia: The class structure and collaborative environment helped prepare me for my career. After taking Organic Chemistry I and II (with labs), I fell in love with the field and decided to pursue my PhD in Chemistry. 

What advice would you give to your just-starting-college self if you could? 

Vladimir: I’d ask a young Vladimir to take more advantage of GenEd classes and to choose them as carefully as he did his major. I’d ask him to look ahead when choosing what major to pursue. Finally, I’d ask him to take his time. He has his whole life ahead of him. There’s no need to rush. 

Christian: Think about a field that would be relevant not only right after graduation but 10-20 years down the line. Take your time and be strategic about your major, minor, and classes you take. Do things that not only make you happy, but more importantly make you better. For instance, I am grateful to have chosen STEM! 

Olivia: I would give myself more grace and patience. Success looks different for everyone and there is no linear or correct path. The right path is whatever path you go on; including the obstacles and hurdles you must overcome. It may sound cliché, but there is truly a light at the end of the tunnel. You created that light. Venture and find your niche and define your own success. 

Your career seems very busy- how do you find balance, have fun? 

Vladimir: I watch TV shows, listen to music, catch movies, and follow sports. I also try to prioritize spending time with my family and friends. 

Christian: To keep myself afloat, I value family time (my siblings are hilarious), TV shows (I currently am binge watching “The Chi”), reading, playing video games, rooting for the Celtics (2023 NBA Champions? Hopefully!) 

Olivia: I do my best to prioritize self-care. I started my fitness journey going into my senior year at UMass. Seven years later, it is still my escape from a busy life. My best epiphanies have been during my time away from work. 

The Geneus siblings are pictured above with their mother Chantal Geneus, MD and father, Jacques Geneus, MD. 

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