Gile partners on $3.1M NIH grant to study adolescent health behaviors 

Krista Gile, Mathematics and Statistics, is a research partner for a new interdisciplinary research project that recently received a five-year, $3.1 million NIH grant to help understand patterns of health behaviors and outcomes among diverse urban adolescents in Massachusetts.

The cross-campus collaboration, which was organized through the UMass Computational Social Science Institute (CSSI), will study friendship and health behavior among students in four middle schools from sixth through eighth grade, allowing the researchers to observe the interplay of the social environment and health behaviors over three consecutive years.

Gile will partner with PIs James Kitts, professor of sociology, and John Sirard, assistant professor of kinesiology, and collaborators Mark Pachucki, assistant professor of sociology, Lindiwe Sibeko, assistant professor of nutrition. News Office release