Lecture - CNS Office of Student Success & Diversity, UMass Amherst

Studio&: A Black Study

Mabel O. Wilson, Columbia University

Friday, October 29, 2021: 4:00pm
Olver Design Building

This event is part of the College of Humanities & Fine Arts' 2021 Dean's Distinguished Lecture Series.

Architecture, known as the “art of building,” emerges as a set of codified practices concurrent with Europe’s colonial encounters with Asia, Africa and the Americas. Through this, modernity constructs its “culture” of forms, representations, and aesthetics as superior to Europe’s racial others, who are designated as primitive, savage, barbarous, backward, and folk. If, as poet Fred Moten posits, “study is what you do with other people. It’s talking and walking around with other people, working, dancing, suffering, some irreducible convergence of all three, held under the name of speculative practice,” then the body of work—writings, projects, exhibitions and performances — by Mabel O. Wilson’s transdisciplinary practice Studio& raises the timely question: Can architecture become a 'Black study"? 

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