New videos showcase "Research That Matters"

Research That Matters video
January 31, 2018

The work of Lili He, Food Science, and Jon Clements, UMass Extension, are featured in new videos from the Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment (CAFE), part of CAFÉ’s new “Research That Matters” series.

 “We want to let the public know about meaningful research being conducted at UMass that impacts our lives in positive ways,” said CAFÉ Director Jody Jellison. “These videos are intended to get the word out.”

He’s video looks at a rapid, low-cost method for detecting bacteria in water or food, which she developed with her Food Science colleagues. Once commercially available, the method will be useful to anyone serving fresh foods, whether home cook, restaurant chef, or aid worker at a natural disaster.

In his video, fruit production specialist Clements demonstrates more efficient growing methods to produce greater yields and higher-quality fruit from Massachusetts apple orchards. This new technology is the future for the next generation of apple growers in Massachusetts and beyond.

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Watch the He video and the Clements video.