The areas available to support within CNS are as diverse as the College itself. Below are a few of the common areas where alumni, parents and friends give back to CNS. If you want to learn more, please contact us.

Dean’s Opportunity Fund: The Dean’s Opportunity Fund expands and enriches opportunities for some of our most motivated students. The fund is an investment in our students’ potential. Every year the fund sends our young science leaders to conferences and competitions, supports workshops and symposia for student training and presentations, and adds to scholarship awards to encourage student research and the development of new applications. Every dollar donated, no matter how large or small, makes an immediate difference in the lives of our students.

Students : The College’s students are high achievers in and out of the classroom. But a significant number of them might only get that chance to excel with a little help from you. More than half of our graduating seniors achieve their degree goals thanks to scholarships and fellowships. And our students make the most of that support: more than a third graduate with honors. Scholarships not only help students pay for the basic costs of attending college, they  also enable students’ creative participation in research, internships, independent projects, and scientific conferences.

Faculty: CNS is known for the quality and effectiveness of our faculty in teaching and research. Winning 50 percent of the university’s distinguished teaching awards, our professors are tenacious mentors, focusing on student success. Faculty labs conduct world-class research and provide students with invaluable hands-on investigative experience. Donor-supported endowed chairs and professorships ensure our ability to deliver outstanding teaching, research, and outreach. This support also enables CNS to be competitive in attracting and retaining excellent faculty, keeping the College at the forefront of science education and discovery.

Research and Programs: We’re proud that CNS stands out for cutting-edge, interdisciplinary research in the sciences and mathematics. From our work across the globe and in our own backyard, our faculty and students make innovative discoveries that improve the world we live in.

Facilities: Research and education are dynamic fields, unpredictably shaped by rapidly evolving technology, expanding knowledge, and changing standards. To keep pace, today’s scientific facilities must be flexible, designed to adapt to growth and change while integrating state-of-the-art technology, equipment, and sustainability. Over the past decade our donors have helped build exciting new facilities—from the comprehensive, modern life sciences complex to the college’s Research and Education Greenhouse.

Annual Giving: Continuing support through the Annual Fund is essential to maintaining and building upon our across-the-board standards of excellence in the College of Natural Sciences. Your annual gift has a direct impact in the area that is most important to you—in the classroom or lab, for scholarships, internships or independent studies. By strengthening the college for current and future students and faculty, you enhance the value of a CNS degree.