Your Gifts Count

Every student who walks through our doors arrives with a different dream. That’s why we strive to make the college a place that empowers each student to explore individual passions and define a unique niche. No matter how you give, how much you give, or why you give to the College of Natural Sciences, your gift changes lives—and changes the world.

Your Gifts Change Lives

Graduate students are the at the core of the research enterprise on campus, putting in thousands of hours to run experiments, collect data, and analyze findings— and these important members of our community need your help! 

This has been a rough year for everyone, but more than 1,000 graduate students have been especially impacted as most of their research work has been slowed down and the resources they need have diminished.

By contributing to the CNS Graduate Student Fellowship Fund, you can help support our students by providing additional funding to those who need to extend their work for another year, and by making available resources for innovations in data collection for those who are still unable to conduct in-person experiments. If you would like to help make a difference for these students, please visit to make your donation.

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