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Winding down the Spring 2022 term

If you have Zoom recordings that you want to keep be sure that you download your Zoom recordings. As a reminder, after 120 days Zoom automatically moves recordings into the Trash bin. They are stored there for 30 days and can be recovered during that time.

The best method for saving Zoom recordings for future use is to request an Echo360 space and upload your saved recordings into Echo360.

****As a reminder, it is recommended to use Echo360 to store videos rather than uploading them directly in your Moodle or Blackboard course space. Echo360 has automatic speech recognition and the ability to add and edit transcripts for accessibility. Storing videos in Echo keeps your course space file size down (which helps with copying and exporting content) and ensures that students on different platforms or devices can easily access and view the videos.

Summer 2022 Preview Week

Summer Session I and Full Term Summer course sites will open in Moodle and Blackboard for Preview Week on Thursday, May 12th at 9am.

By the start of Preview Week faculty should have their Syllabi posted in their Blackboard or Moodle course space and a "Getting Started" or "Course Overview" section available for students that provides them with information on how course is structured (face-to-face, hybrid, online), meeting dates and times if applicable, instructor and/or TA contact information, and an overview of the materials needed and technologies used in the course. See the Preview Week Suggestions document for screenshots and recommendations for what to include for a successful student Preview Week experience.

Faculty can opt out of Preview Week by closing your course:

Workshops and Events

There are many workshops, events, and activities offered throughout the year. Good places to learn about upcoming offerings are the CNS Events Calendar and the University Events Calendar.

Instructional Resources

Designing Your Course for Flexibility

  • Record or broadcast classroom lectures/activities if/as appropriate 
  • Whenever you use Zoom use the automatic captioning feature. You can also turn on captioning in both PowerPoint and Google slides. The captions may not be perfect but you can always edit them in your Echo360 or Zoom recordings.  
  • Use Moodle to supplement the course. Post your syllabus, schedule, links to videos, assignments, etc...  Enable students to access Moodle course materials 2-3 weeks in advance. Remember that you can control access to items in Moodle by using the Restriction settings and enabling an availability date.  
  • If you have Library materials you would like students to access consider incorporating Digital Course Reserves into your Moodle or Blackboard course space.  

For support with any of these instructional technologies or strategies CNS faculty are encouraged to contact April Bellafiore, Director of Multimodal Education.