CNS Faculty Development Programs help meet the mission and strategic goals of the College of Natural Science by promoting an inclusive and collaborative culture and by actively supporting the research, teaching, and service work of our faculty while also promoting our faculty's wellbeing and resilience. 

Upcoming Workshops and Events

Managing and Leading Your Research Team

Research success often depends on relying on and managing/leading other individuals, while also juggling multiple projects and responsibilities.  You may find yourself managing and leading undergraduates, graduates, lab staff, and/or collaborators.  What are the best practices of managing and leading others? In particular, what are the people skills to do so and elevate your success?  In this workshop we will focus on the people aspect of your research team and you will:

learn the best practices of effectively managing and leading, delegating to, and teaming with others,

explore how to structure, set goals and directions, and ensure consistent progress of your research team,

explore how to respond to and resolve conflict.

This workshop is co-facilitated by Karen Helfer CNS Associate Dean for Graduate, Post-doc and Faculty Development; Laura Vandenberg, SPHHS Associate Dean of Undergraduate Academic Affairs and Professor; DV Venkataraman, Professor – Chemistry;  and Karen Whelan-Berry CNS Director of Faculty Development and Programs.

Join us for Managing and Leading Your Research Team on Wednesday, May 18th, 1:30 - 3:30pm, ISB 145. If this date doesn’t work for you, please use our registration to let us know you would like to attend in the future.

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Enhancing Your Everyday Leadership Strengths and Style

You may not think of yourself as a leader, but all faculty lead in several different settings or ways: in classrooms, service work, and professional organizations, and with their research team.  At the same time, you may not have considered your leadership strengths and style, or key leadership tasks and roles.  Research on leadership supports that knowing and being yourself as a leader is key to success, and that leadership can be developed or strengthened over time.

In this hands-on, interactive workshop you will:

consider important, common leadership tasks and roles,

explore both your strengths and your style as a leader, and

learn how your strengths and style impact key leader tasks such as self-awareness, communicating and relating to and influencing others, and setting and achieving your priorities and goals. 

This workshop is led by Karen Whelan-Berry, CNS Director of Faculty Development and Programs, and Karen Helfer, CNS Associate Dean for Graduate, Post-doc and Faculty Development.

Join us for Enhancing Your Everyday Leadership Style and Strengths on Monday, May 23rd, 9:00 to 11:00am, ISB 145.

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UMass Office of Faculty Development  (OFD) Events

UMass OFD offers a number of events each semester. 

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Individual and Team Coaching

Coaching is usually one-on-one or in a group and is a process to maximize your effectiveness and improve performance.  Coaching first builds a safe, trusting, and confidential relationship and then uses a strengths-based and solutions-focused approach to ensure consistent progress in achieving your goals and increasing your capacity for ongoing positive change and success.  Coaching can help you achieve your goals, work more from your strengths, and increase your overall wellbeing and resilience.  Contact Karen Whelan-Berry,, for more information.

Facilitation & Consulting for Teams and Departments

Facilitation and consulting can be used for many challenges and opportunities, ranging from building effective teaming, interdisciplinary collaboration and integrative capacity skills and achieving convergent science, to working with departments to complete processes such as curriculum review, strategic visioning, or strengthening climate. 

While CNS FDP or other campus services can provide such coaching, facilitation, and consulting, at times, a UMass or outside consultant may be best. Contact Karen Whelan-Berry,, for more information.

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