Climate Advisory Committees

Workplace Climate Advisory Committees (WCAC)

We are committed to advancing the workplace and learning climate in the College of Natural Sciences.

This commitment is an integral component spanning our core missions to: 1) foster scientific discovery, 2) disseminate knowledge of these discoveries, and 3) provide a rigorous and innovative scientific education for all. We affirm that our collective achievements will be the greatest in an environment where each member of our community has the opportunity to reach their full potential.

In order to proactively address our commitment to inclusiveness and respect for diversity, each department and program within CNS has created an advisory committee on workplace climate for their unit. The goals of these committees include monitoring the status of their climate, assessing current norms and practices that influence inclusivity, and developing suggestions of best practices to positively advance the unit beyond its current position. Each advisory committee is composed of faculty, staff, and students (both graduate and undergraduate). One member from each advisory committee serves on the CNS college-level committee, to advise the Dean and provide leadership in advancing this mission. 

The primary contacts from each area are listed below and welcome your participation in this effort.   

Name Email Department
Stephen Schneider Astronomy
Laura Francis Biology
Megan West Biochem. and Molec. Biology
Heather Lohr C.A.F.E.
Ricardo Metz Chemistry
Michael Roberts Environmental Conservation
John Gibbons Food Science
Sarah McKnight Geosciences
Adriane Lam Geosciences
Andrea Nahmod Math and Statistics
Kristen DeAngelis Microbiology
Ben Brau Physics
Zack Dell Polymer Sci. and Engineering
Elizabeth (Lisa) Harvey Psych. and Brain Sciences
Marco Keiluweit Stockbridge
Lisa West Vet. and Animal Sciences