Women's Caucus

The Women’s Caucus is an autonomous faculty organization that works in coordination with the CNS Dean's Office, the Office of Equal Opportunity and Diversity, and other existing groups to develop strategies that enable the advancement of women and minorities in science and mathematics. The Caucus aims to establish best practice documents to reduce ambiguities in personnel issues including hiring, personnel reviews, and salary merit increases. In addition we will encourage the establishment of educational sessions to educate faculty and administrators about the mechanisms of discrimination and to remind faculty and administration of their obligation to avoid prejudice based on gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation or disabilities. For more information, contact Jenny Traschen, traschen@physics.umass.edu.

Work/Life Balance

UMass Amherst offers a range of programs designed to support faculty and staff in maintaining a Work/Life Balance.

AWIS UMass Amherst

AWIS UMass Amherst is an affiliate group of the Association for Women in Science (AWIS), which provides discounted student memberships to all science, technology, engineering, mathematics, and and public health students. The UMass Amherst AWIS membership benefits are made possible by a coalition of the colleges of Natural Sciences, Engineering, Social and Behavioral Studies, Public Health and Health Sciences, and Commonwealth College, the Graduate School, the STEM Diversity Institute, and the Center for Teaching and Faculty Development.


Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine

The Committee on Women in Science, Engineering, and Medicine is a standing committee of the National Research Council (NRC).

American Association of University Women

The American Association of University Women advances equity for women and girls through advocacy, education, philanthropy, and research. There are fellowships here!

Women in Technology International

Women in Technology International is a huge web site for women with many resources and information to check out.

Women in Biology

The Women in Biology website provides a starting point for finding information for biologists who happen to be women. It is written by Susan Forsburg, professor of Biological Sciences at the University of Southern California.

Women in Bio

Women in Bio is an organization of professionals committed to promoting careers, leadership and entrepreneurship for women in the life sciences.

National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE)

The National Organization for the Professional Advancement of Black Chemists and Chemical Engineers (NOBCChE) is dedicated to building an eminent cadre of people of color in science and technology, with an emphasis on chemistry, chemical engineering, and related fields.