CNStrives: Working together to achieve our aspirations

Although we paused our efforts in 2020 due to pandemic-related challenges, we are now moving forward with our important project, CNStrives. We are committed to transparency, collaboration, and inclusivity, and will engage the college community throughout all phases of this initiative.

Our Framework

To reflect our goals, a Steering Committee comprising faculty, staff, and administrators across both CNS and the university will lead the overall effort. Each member will bring their unique perspective and experience to the table.

Our Priorities

Through our collaborative efforts, we aspire to achieve:

  • An even stronger reputation for CNS as a premier college of science and destination for exceptional students, faculty, and staff
  • Increased research funding that enables us to transform lives
  • A greater ability to support the career goals and professional aspirations of our staff and faculty colleagues
  • Streamlined practices and processes that improve our overall effectiveness
  • A more inclusive culture and enhanced quality of work life for all
  • A better understanding of how work is distributed across the college and how that distribution impacts staff
  • Clarity on where we need to invest resources to support the success of all
  • Stronger and more effective partnerships across the University

Our Partner

The success of our initiative depends on using an effective and professional methodology for objectively collecting insights from faculty and staff. To achieve that goal, we have engaged Segal, a firm recognized for its expertise in assisting universities in conducting independent and highly collaborative assessment and planning initiatives. Segal will compile perspective and recommendations from across the college and university about how to enhance our current systems, structures, and practices, and then will provide guidance for devising a future plan.

Constant Communication

We are committed to keeping our university community informed of our progress as we move through what we anticipate will be a yearlong process. We are counting on the CNS community to participate in our joint endeavor by sharing their insights and suggestions. Please visit this website regularly to find updates about CNStrives. Ideas and inquiries also can be submitted on this website.