CNS Advisory Board Affiliate Member

Thomas H. Jozefiak

Thomas H. Jozefiak '81 BS is an organic chemist, inventor, and entrepreneur. He is a founder of GlycologixLLC,an emerging glycobiology company developing novel biopolymers for the repair and rejuvenation of soft tissue, and Glyscend Inc., a VC-funded company developing non-absorbed polymer therapeutics for the treatment of metabolic diseases. He has a passion fo the creative utilization of polymers as active therapeutic agents or medical devices to solve difficult problems in human medicine.

Jozefiak graduated from UMass-Amherst with a BS degree in chemistry in 1981 and continued advanced studies in polymer chemistry at the University and Minnesota and Caltech. He has had a distinguished industrial career (>25years) directing research in biomaterials, polymer science, and medicinal chemistry. He has led research in resorbable biomaterials-based medical devices such as surgical adhesion barriers, surgical hemostats, sealants, and injectable biomaterials for aesthetic dermatology. He has also guided research teams seeking novel therapeutic solutions for hyperphosphatemia, obesity, Gaucher’s disease, and diabetes. Prior to founding Glyscend and Glycologix, Jozefiak’s industry leadership roles included: VP Biomaterials Science & Engineering, Genzyme Corp.; Senior Director, Medicinal Chemistry, Genzyme Corp.; and VP Discovery, Living Proof Incorporated. In his early career, he held industrial research positions at GelTex Pharmaceuticals, Eastman Kodak, and GEPlastics. He is an inventor or author on numerous patents and publications in diverse areas, including resorbable biomaterials, therapeutic polymers, medicinal chemistry, polymer chemistry, and photographic imaging chemistry. He lives in Belmont, Massachusetts, with his wife, Lee Kronick (also a UMass Amherst Alum), and has two grown children.