CNS Advisory Board Member

Photo of Peggy A. Crowley-Nowick

Peggy A. Crowley-Nowick '86 BS is a respected expert in the pharmaceutical industry, bringing nearly 20 years of experience in medical affairs and clinical research. In 2008, Crowley-Nowick founded Zipher Medical Affairs, LLC., a leading provider of medical affairs strategic consulting and MSL services. Since its inception, Crowley-Nowick has served as President. She has successfully led late-stage biotech and pharmaceutical companies through multiple product launches across several therapeutic areas, such as oncology, cardiovascular, and diabetes. Crowley-Nowick’s patient-centric view and drive for improved patient care and outcomes have propelled her to shape the organization based on not only scientific integrity, but also continual collaboration with emerging medical stakeholders. 

Earlier in her career, Crowley-Nowick held appointments as Assistant Professor at Harvard Medical School (1997–2002) and the University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine (1993–1997), establishing her scientific credibility in the research and medical communities. Following her career in academia, Crowley-Nowick joined industry and gained valuable field experience providing scientific support for physicians as a medical science liaison (MSL) and a liaison manager for Berlex Laboratories, a U.S. branch of the German pharmaceutical giant Schering AG (now Bayer Schering Pharma AG). She subsequently joined Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals through the acquisition of Berlex Laboratories, where she was Medical Director and later appointed head of Global Oncology Publications and Communications at Bayer Healthcare Pharmaceuticals. She was responsible for strategic communications planning, execution, and global rollout for Nexavar® during the renal cell and hepatocellular carcinoma launches. 

Crowley-Nowick received a PhD in 1991 from University of Alabama at Birmingham in the field of immunology with a focus on mucosal immunology and an MBA in 2000 from Simmons School of Management.