The CNS Advisory Board is an independent body of volunteers that promotes the educational and research activities of the College. Board members advocate for CNS priorities with internal and external stakeholders, including campus administration, the Chancellor's office, the Board of Trustees, the Governor's office, the Legislature, the business community, and the public. The Board provides leadership and expert council in three key areas: fund-raising, advocacy, and advice.

CNS Advisory Board Members

Dr. Noel Anderson, '74, '77 MS, '80 PhD

Managing Partner, Mosaic Food Advisors LLC

William Bannick, '70 BS

Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager, Cadence Capital Management, Boston, Mass.

Varkki P. Chacko, '82 PhD

Managing Principal, Credit Capital Investments

Peggy A. Crowley-Nowick, '86 BS

Founder and President, Zipher Medical Affairs

Frederick Dodge, '69 AS

Founder and Owner, Country Garden Creations

James B. Francis, '86 BS

Investment professional, Geode Capital Management

Thomas H. Jozefiak, '81 BS

Vice-President, Discovery, Living Proof

Anita Karcz, '71 BS

Chief Medical Officer and Co-Founder, Institute for Health Metrics

Jeffrey L. Kopacz, '95 BS

Senior Patent Counsel, Alnylam Pharmaceuticals

Steven G. Richter, '77 BS

President and Scientific Director, MicroTest Laboratories, Inc.

Charles H. Sherwood, '72 MS, '77 PhD

President and CEO, Anika Therapeutics, Inc

Ameeta Soni, '82 MS

President, Altek Consulting

CNS Advisory Board Affiliate Members

Stephen Gillies, '75 BS

Founder, President, and CEO, Provenance Biopharmaceuticals Corp.

James F. Kane III, '00 BS

Orthodontist, and Director, Massachusetts Association of Orthodontists

James P. Petri, '77 AS

Banking, commercial, industrial, and real estate professional

Mary Sano, '74 BS

Professor, Psychiatry, and Director, Alzheimer's Disease Research Center, Mount Sinai School of Medicine