The Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising team helps students interested in healthcare fields make informed decisions about their career goals and supports them as they prepare for the application and interview process. In her monthly blog, Director Catherine Eden shares important advice for navigating this process.

You Can Succeed on the MCAT!

Each year, well over 200 UMass Amherst pre-med students take the MCAT exam. There is a lot to know about this test that can make the difference between you getting a competitive score on your first try, or having to do a retake. Many things...

Becoming a Strong Applicant Takes TIME!

When we recently looked at our data from the 2022 Medical School Application Cycle, even we were a little surprised! The graph below shows the number of gap years taken by our UMass Amherst students who were accepted into allopathic medical schools. Surprisingly, 46% had taken 2 gap years, 20% had taken 4 or more gap years, 18% had taken 1 gap year, 13% had taken 3 gap years, and just about 3% had gone straight from undergrad into medical school. This data is so important for ALL of our current students to know! Graph here

An Important Priority for PreHealth Students

Burnout among healthcare professionals has never been higher than it is right now. Being proactive and using available support resources right here at UMass can inoculate you against this common condition.

There is NOTHING empty about Gap Time!

Students, and parents in particular, can sometimes have strong negative reactions to the suggestion of taking Gap Time before entering Medical School or a Physician Assistant Program...

Timelines and Setbacks

This year, a common concern in the PreHealth Office is how will the pandemic affect my preparation for medical, dental or PA school? This is a very important concern, as the admissions process for these programs is highly competitive...