For changing the grading of a course to Pass/Fail after the deadline.

Continuation of the public health emergency created by the Covid-19 pandemic means that the campus will not be returning to normal operations in the Spring 2021 term. The largest portion of instruction will continue to be remote; most students will continue to work on their courses while living off-campus. Though faculty and returning students have had time to adjust to remote instruction, the economic and other stresses of the pandemic have not disappeared. To alleviate some of the stress students may experience, the university will operate under a partial alteration of undergraduate grading mechanisms.

Modified Grading for Undergraduate Students and Undergraduate Courses for Spring 2021:

  • All courses designated as Letter Grading only courses will continue to be offered as Letter Grading with Pass/Fail option.
  • Students will be allowed to select Pass/Fail grading for up to three courses.
  • The deadline to declare Pass/Fail is Tuesday, May 4th 2021.
  • For more information click HERE.

If you wish to be considered for converting a class from a letter grade to pass/fail after May 4th, you must submit a Late Pass/Fail Petition.

The CNS Deans will review all requests and will notify the student by email of the final decision.

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