The Course Repeat Petition – (also known as a Three-Peat) is used to request permission to take a course for the THIRD time.

Course Repeat Petition Deadlines:

Fall semester: August 1

Spring semester: January 8

Summer Session One: May 1

Summer Session Two: July 1


A course for which a grade of C-,D+, D or F was earned may be repeated one time without permission. (No course for which a grade of C or higher was earned may be repeated.)

When filling out the Course Repeat Petition:

  • Meet with your major advisor prior to submission to discuss your plan for a successful third attempt.
  • Provide documentation for any extenuating circumstances that impacted your previous attempts, e.g. illness, family emergency, etc.
  • Submit the Course Repeat Petition as early as possible when the need for a third repeat arises. 


  • All enrollments and all grades will appear on the transcript, but the last grade will be calculated in the GPA (even if lower than previous grades).
  • Repeating a UMass Amherst course at another of the Five Colleges, at another campus of the University of Massachusetts, or at any other institution will not result in grade substitution.
  • There must be extenuating circumstances to justify your request.
  • Course Repeat Petitions are rarely approved for 100-level, foundation courses. If a student has difficulty with these courses, then we suggest consulting with an advisor about considering a potential change of major.
  • Course Repeat Petitions will NOT be approved after the semester has begun.
  • Under no circumstances may a student take a course more than three times. 
  • Repeating a course can have negative consequences. For example, if a passing grade of C-, D+ or D was received in the first enrollment, but a failing grade is received when the course is repeated, no credit would be earned for either attempt.
  • Repeating a previously passed course may have an effect on financial aid eligibility. 
  • Filing a Course Repeat Petition does NOT necessarily mean you will be allowed to repeat the class.

The CNS Deans will review all requests for course repetitions and will notify the student by email of the final decision.

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