You need to register your credited internships and co-ops into Handshake.

Quick guide: How Internships for Credit Work


An internship is a position in an organization that provides you with a professional-level training experience. Internships happen year-round, they may be paid or unpaid, for credit or not. Credited internships require a faculty sponsor to determine the applicable number of credits and to assign an academic project. Read more about the process for doing credited internships

co-op is a four to nine-month position related to your major, for which you are working at least 30 hours per week. During a fall or spring co-op, you will set school aside for a period of time, yet maintain your status as a full-time UMass Amherst student without paying tuition. When you complete the co-op, co-op recognition can appear on your transcript. Read more about the process for doing non-credit co-ops.  

Both internships and co-ops are excellent ways to take a deep dive into the world of work, gain skills, learn about a company, and add this experience to your resume to show future employers and graduate schools. 

Enter your credited internships and co-ops into Handshake > Career Center > Experience to get it registered with the University. 


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