Networking is the best way to build your social capital, meet people who are doing interesting work that you might be interested in, and learn more about jobs, fields and companies.  There is a lot more you can learn about networking in our online Career Handbook


LinkedIn is the professional network platform.  Create your profile there so that you can see opportunities, learn about companies, and recruiters can reach you.  There are professional groups you can join to learn more:  UMass Amherst LinkedIn groups, departmental groups, and more. 


Connect UMass 

Connect UMass is a global community for personal and professional conversations and growth with UMass Alumni.  These alumni are choosing to be on this platform because they want to talk with you and help you build your professional network and help you land jobs.  Create your profile now. 


Elevator Pitch

An “elevator pitch” is your 30-second introduction about yourself, in your own authentic voice. It is a well-prepared answer to the questions “Tell me a little bit about yourself,” or “So, what do you do?”  As a synopsis of your background and experience, you can quickly share your story with people who don’t know you. 

The reason it's called an elevator pitch is that it should be short enough to present during a brief elevator ride. This speech is all about you: who you are, what you do, and your future goals. Here are tips to prepare your elevator pitch.  

Sometimes you will need shorter versions of your Elevator Pitch, such as at a Career Fair when you are introducing yourself to an employer. It is best to have a longer version highlighting all your top skills, and short versions as well. 

You can use your elevator pitch at career fairs and employer info sessions, online in your LinkedIn summary, during job/internship interviews, and at any events where you’re meeting new people. By having your elevator pitch prepared ahead of time, you’ll be ready anytime you need to introduce yourself to someone that could help you advance your career. 


Informational Interviews

An informational interview is a networking method in which you talk to people about their work during a brief meeting. You will find that, when you show an interest in their specific field, most people enjoy talking about themselves and their job, and most are happy to offer advice. Additionally, every person you speak to can lead you to other contacts, expanding your network of professional connections. Think of it as a Career Conversation! Want more info? See our Tips and Guidelines for Informational Interviews.


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