• Arboriculture & Urban Forestry Certificate: a new 15-credit program starting in Fall 2021, is a gateway for students eager for an introduction to the arboriculture and urban forestry fields. The certificate can be added to any UMass degree, and has a flexible course sequence, allowing students to begin in any fall, spring, or summer semester. 
  • Biotechnology Certificate Program: prepares students to meet the needs of this growing industrial base by providing training in several different areas of biological science that make up the basis of biotechnology. This certificate program requires that in combination with their major program of study in the home department, students take a minimum of 15 credits of approved courses.
  • Developmental Disabilities and Human Services Letter of Specialization: provides the opportunity for undergraduate psychology majors to obtain the skills needed for employment directly supporting individuals with disabilities. It is supported by the Massachusetts Department of Developmental Services.
  • Five College Certificate in Culture, Health, and Science: allows students to deepen their knowledge of human health, disease and healing through interdisciplinary inquiry. Working with faculty program advisors, students choose a sequence of seven courses and identify an appropriate project or internship that will count toward the certificate.
  • Five College Coastal and Marine Sciences Certificate: enables students to select from a wide variety of marine-science-related courses, including coastal and marine ecology/geology, resource management and public policy, and oceanography and coastal engineering to create a cohesive concentration.
  • Geographic Information Science and Technology (GIST) Certificate Program: provides a solid foundation and a useful credential in the field of geospatial technologies [Geographic Information Systems (GIS)], remote sensing, and computer mapping. GIS are computer systems for integrating and analyzing spatial data.
  • iCons: integrated Concentration in STEM: integrates scientific expertise across departments or fields and gives students the opportunity to work on real-world problems from day one. This 20-credit program—embedded in your major—will give you collaborative learning experiences, active scientific investigation, leadership development, and multidisciplinary analytical skills.
  • International Agriculture Studies Certificate: specialization in the International Agricultural Studies Program prepares agricultural scientists for careers involving increased production and improved distribution of world food and other biological resource products.

Associates Degrees

Associates degrees are offered through the Stockbridge School of Agriculture.