There are a range of courses that are acceptable for fulfilling the CNS 60 science credit count.

CNS Majors

ALL COURSES from any CNS MAJOR, which include:

  • Animal Science
  • Astronomy
  • Biochemistry and Molecular Biology
  • Biology
  • Building and Construction Technology
  • Chemistry
  • Earth Systems
  • Environmental Science
  • Food Science
  • Geography
  • Geology
  • Mathematics and Statistics
  • Microbiology
  • Natural Resources Conservation
  • Plant, Soil and Insect Sciences
  • Physics
  • Pre-Veterinary Science
  • Psychology
  • Sustainable Food and Farming (BS)
  • Sustainable Horticulture (BS)
  • Turfgrass Science and Management

College of Information and Computer Sciences

ALL COURSES from the College of Information and Computer Sciences.

CNS-comparable 5-College majors

Courses from CNS-comparable 5-College majors count (e.g., CHEM @SMI).

Individual Courses

Additionally, these specific individual classes from majors outside of CNS, CICS also count.

Subject Course# GenEd Title Notes
ANTHRO 103 BS Human Origins and Variation Formerly 103 A/B "Intro Physical Anth"
ANTHRO 281 R2 Research Methods Anthropology Formerly #'d 481
ANTHRO 317 BS Primate Behavior  
CE-ENGIN 240   Statics  
CHEM-ENG 120 R2 Fundamentals Formerly #'d 225
CHEM-ENG 290B BS Chem Eng Princp/Biological Syst  
E&C-ENG 211   Circuit Analysis I Former #/title 211X, Syst Analysis I
E&C-ENG 212   Circuit Analysis II Former #/title 212X, Syst Analysis II
E&C-ENG 214   Active Net I Former #/title 214X Digital Electronics
E&C-ENG 221   Int Dig & Comp Sys All 221X titles OK for sci cr
E&C-ENG 222   Microprocessor Lab Former title Int Comp Org Lng Prg
E&C-ENG 242   Data Structures & Algorithms All 242X titles OK for sci cr
E&C-ENG 357   Field Analysis I  
E&C-ENG 358   Field Analysis II  
E&C-ENG 361   Fund of Elec Engr  
ECON@SMI 190 R2 Intro to Statistics & Econometrics  
ECON 309   Game Theory Also at Amherst Coll
ECON 452   Econometrics  
EDUC 276 R2 Erroneous Beliefs Formerly #'d 290E
EDUC 517 R2 Intro Comp Use Tchng  
EDUC 527   Intro Ed Uses of Computers  
ENGIN 104E   Intro To Engr B Also 104, 104A, 104H, 104N
ENGIN 191A   Seminar  
ENGIN 191E   Sem-First Year Prog  
ENGIN 191X   S-C++ Prog Engineers  
ENVIRDES 597A   ST-Computers In Environmental Design Also 597A former course titles; course formerly GenEd R2
ESS@SMI 150 BS Nutrition and Health  
EXERSCI 130 BS Intro To Excsci  
EXERSCI 210 BS Hum Perf & Nutrition  
EXERSCI 305   Kinesiology  
EXERSCI 478   Exercise Physiology Now KIN 470
FINOPMGT 422   Financial Engineering  
FINOPMGT 497H   ST-Advanced Topics in Finance  
KIN 100 BS Introduction to Kinesiology  
KIN 110 BS Human Performance & Nutrition  
KIN 430   Biomechanics  
KIN 470   Exercise Physiology  
LING 201 R2 Intro to Linguistic Theory  
LOGC@SMI 100 R2 Valid & Invalid Reasoning  
M&I-ENG 201   Intro Matl Science  
M&I-ENG 210   Statics  
M&I-ENG 211   Strength Of Material  
M&I-ENG 230   Thermodynamics I  
M&I-ENG 310   Dynamics  
M&I-ENG 460   Human Factrs Engin I  
MUSIC 110 R2 Fundamentals of Theory  
NUTRITN 130 BS Nutr For Hlth Lfstyl Also "Nutrition & People"
NUTRITN 140 BS Nutrition, Weight & Fitness  
NUTRITN 230   Basic Nutrition  
OIM 240   Business Data Analysis Former courses: OIM 250 "Intermediate Stats/Bus and Econ", FINOPMGT 250
OIM 350   Business Intelligence and Analytics  
OIM 454   Data Mining in Business Also "Advanced Busniess Analytics"
PHIL 110 R2 Introduction To Logic Formerly #'d 125
PHIL 511   Modal Logic  
PHIL 513   Math Logic I  
PHIL@AMH 13 R2 Logic  
PHIL@MNT 210 R2 Logical Thought  
PUBHLTH 160 SI My Body, My Health Formerly Gen Ed BS-9/88-5/91
PUBHLTH 223   Intro to Biostatistics for Public Health Formerly 390B or 391B
PUBHLTH 460   Telling Stories with Data: Statistics, Modeling, and Data Visualization  
PUBHLTH 540 R2 Intro Biostatistics Formerly also 540W, 575
RES-ECON 211 R2 Intro Statistics for the Life Sciences  
RES-ECON 212 R2 Intro Stats/Soc Sci  
SOCIOL 212 R2 Elem Statistics  
SOCIOL 313 R2 Survey Design and Analysis Formerly "Qual Meth Soc Rsrch"
UWW 222 BS Introduction to Body & Brain  
UWW 240 BS Intro To Ecology Formerly #'d 290B