The College of Natural Sciences (CNS) and UMass Amherst offer a wide variety of academic resources.

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CNS Academic Advising

The CNS Undergraduate Advising Center handles general undergraduate academic advising and information regarding academic matters such as registration, add/drop procedures, repeat options, withdrawals, academic discipline, referral information. Your primary advisor is in your major department (see next entry). Advisors for Exploratory Track and PreMed/PreHealth advising are also in the CNS advising office. The CNS Academic Advising office is located in 220 Morrill II. The number is (413) 545-1969.

Major (Departmental) Advising

All students with declared majors have an advisor or access to an advising office within their major. This is your primary advisor. You can find information about your advisor on the lower-right corner of your SPIRE student center page. Your major advisor can help you understand your major requirements, choose your course schedule, refer you to resources within your major department, give you ideas for research or internships, and assist with general inquiry. Each department also has a chief undergrad advisor who can help if you have difficulty reaching your advisor listed on SPIRE or have more complex questions. Exploratory Track advisors are located in the CNS Advising Center (see above). Primary advising for PreMed/PreHealth students is through their major advisor. PreHealth advisors for questions about preparing for applying to post-grad health programs are part of the CNS Advising Center (see above).

University Registrar

The Office of the University Registrar assists with transcripts, transfers, and academic records.

Student-Athlete Services

Trying to balance the demands of school with an active athletic schedule is a challenge. But if you are a student athlete looking for a little help, Academic Success services can help you with advising, tutoring, and other academic boosters.

Academic Calendar

All the important dates and deadlines for each semester are listed on the Academic Calendar.

SPIRE Tutorials

Advanced Placement Credits

Incoming students may receive advanced standing and/or credit for the College Board AP exams. Credits vary depending upon scores and subject matter. For more information, contact the University Registrar's Transferring Credits office.

Commonwealth Honors College

The Commonwealth Honors College offers a tightly knit community for students seeking more academic rigor in their field of study. All CNS students who meet the eligibility requirements can join Commonwealth Honors College, which offers a rewarding opportunity to meet students who share the same intellectual enthusiasm, work more closely with professors, and pursue independent research as part of a capstone experience. CHC students are invited to participate in small, intensive classes, interdisciplinary seminars, honors colloquia, and community service learning courses, as well as national and overseas study programs.

W.E.B. Dubois Library

The W.E.B. Dubois Library is open 24 hours a day during much of the week. Here you’ll find many resources, including the Writing Center where you can get feedback on your writing assignments. There are also comfortable places to study, wireless internet and network ports, multiple print and computer workstations, laptop loans, the Digital Media Lab, and a popular café. You can also access library assistance, academic advising, and technical support.


UMass Amherst offers a range of Academic Tutoring options.


ChemPrep is a self-paced, online short course intended to help students succeed in Chemistry 110, 111, or 121H. It is designed to be taken prior to the beginning of the semester and is appropriate for both underprepared students and for students who would like a review of basic skills and concepts. Participation in ChemPrep is voluntary and free of charge. No credit is given, no formal grades are assigned, and there are no penalties for incomplete work. In the past, students who completed ChemPrep averaged almost a full letter grade higher in their subsequent general chemistry courses than those who did not.

Campus Resources

Check out the CNS Campus Resources guide for additional useful opportunities and services.