School of Earth and Sustainability

The School of Earth and Sustainability (SES) at the University of Massachusetts Amherst provides students, faculty, the campus community, and the Commonwealth with a central hub for innovation, research, education, and outreach related to earth, sustainability, and environmental sciences.

SES is a partnership with the College of Natural Sciences between the Department of Environmental Conservation (ECo), Department of Geosciences (GEO), and the Stockbridge School of Agriculture (SSA) and the College of Social and Behavioral Science with the Department of Landscape Architecture & Regional Planning.

SES brings together a suite of undergraduate and graduate degrees that provide students with the knowledge and professional training to address the environmental challenges of the 21st century.

Undergraduate Majors

Graduate Programs

"We are a learning community of faculty and students passionate and committed to solving the complex, global challenges of earth sciences and environmental sustainability. We are looking for students who have a strong personal commitment to environmental stewardship and making a BIG difference."
Curt Griffin, Director of SES

For more information please contact Darci Connor Maresca in the School of Earth & Sustainability.