CNS Snapshot

2021 Snapshot

CNS Research Centers

CNS Research Centers 2019-2020

State of the College

Our annual State of the College event celebrates the outstanding efforts of our colleagues across departments over the past year, welcomes new faculty and staff, and reviews the college’s budget and ongoing student needs.

Fifteen Departments & Two Schools

Please note that Computer Science is now the College of Information and Computer Sciences.

    Nineteen Buildings


    • 4 AS programs (Stockbridge School)
    • 33 BS & BA programs
    • 39 MS & PhD programs

    Revenue Sources FY2019

    • $77.70 million in revenues generated
    • $14.21 million in gifts received
    • $83.50 million in general funds and appropriations
    • $84.24 million in sponsored research


    • 322 Tenure system faculty
    • 156 Lecturers
    • 52 Research and extension faculty
    • 566 Staff (full time equivalent) 
    • 7,407 Undergraduate students
    • 1,008 Graduate students

    Interdisciplinary Collaborations

    Two Undergraduate Programs

    Six Graduate Programs

    Eight Graduate Training & Certificates

    Center for Agriculture, Food and the Environment