Residential pre-college programs at UMass combine all the major elements of college, including great academics, living in a residence hall, and eating in our award-winning dining commons. Of course, it takes a little help to adjust to life on a college campus, so we have great live-in program assistants who are specially trained to help you get used to a new environment. We have lots of great events in the evenings and on weekends that help you connect with other pre-college students.

The following pre-college courses are designed to help you prepare for a college career in the Natural Sciences. Click the links to read more about each course. To return to this page, click the back arrow at the top of your web browser.

Animal Sciences

Pre-Veterinary Medicine

Equine Science

Veterinary Technology


Introduction to Astronomy

Building & Technology Construction (BCT)

BCT CityLab


Plant Signal Transduction and Reproduction



Natural Resources Conservation

Combatting the Climate Crisis with Neighborhood Trees


Programming for Aspiring Scientists: Python with Applications to Physics

Psychology and Brain Science

Introduction to Research in Psychological & Brain Sciences

Individual Differences in Development- Lab

Math & Statistics

Foundations of Data Science