Linda R. Tropp, Psychological and Brain Sciences, published a letter-to-the-editor to the Wall Street Journal where she says increased racial diversity on college campuses can reduce prejudice and foster understanding between different groups of people. Wall Street Journal

Scott Auerbach, Chemistry, received the Manning Prize for Excellence in Teaching which recognizes outstanding teaching across all five UMass campuses for sustained excellence in teaching, exemplary contribution to the campus community, and supporting students' educational and career achievements.

Arsenic Analysis: How much arsenic is in our food? Chemistry Professor Julian Tyson pursues the answer--and how policy changes might improve matters. Watch video

Fergus Clydesdale, Food Science, and Raymond Mahoney, professor emeritus of food chemistry, discuss in the Wall Street Journal how cast iron cookware can add iron to food. Clydesdale says the transfer of iron depends on the food that is cooked and the preparation method. Mahoney says the iron from cookware may not be absorbed as easily as iron in meat but consuming vitamin C at the same time can make the iron more available to the body. Wall Street Journal

The Center for Research on Families (CRF) selected three CNS students among seven recipents of the 2016-2017 student research grants and awards. Gennarina D. Santorelli, a fourth-year doctoral student in the clinical psychology program, received one of four CRF Family Research Graduate Research Fellowships. Michael Lemieux, a senior biochemistry and molecular biology major, with a minor in mathematics, received the CRF Family Research Honors Thesis/Capstone Award. Alexandra Santiago, an undergraduate honors student pursuing a degree in psychology on the neuroscience track, received the CRF Family Research Undergraduate Assistantship. Read more