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Morgan Opie

Mathematics major
Cotuit, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: grader/discussion leader for math class. “It’s really cool to see the lights go off in their heads.”

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Rachel Rosen

Psychology major
Shrewsbury, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: “Being able to spend my junior year in France without it affecting my research or my studies!”

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Dan Stubbs

Computer Science major
Amherst, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: co-teaching a one-credit class in combinatorial game theory with a Computer Science professor

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Artur Wysoczanski

Music Performance (piano), Math, Chemistry triple major
Wilbraham, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Developing a lab kit for undergrads and preparing to introduce it to faculty at the University of Puerto Rico.

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Trisha Barungi

Microbiology major
Weymouth, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: "Working with New Student Orientation has been my best experience at UMass, hands down."

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Meaghan Molloy

Chemistry major & iCONS
Andover, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: "Describing my REU experience to 300 freshman biology students listening in a lecture hall."

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Lisa Korn

Earth Systems major
Danville, N.H.
Coolest UMass Experience: Interning for the Lunar and Planetary Institute at NASA in Houston, studying the Gale Crater on Mars.

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Mike Esposito

Plant, Soil, & Insect Sciences major
Ashburnham, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Internship at Smith College Botanical Garden, working in every part—conservatory, collections, forestry.

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Jaime Budynkiewicz

Physics & Astronomy double major
Chicopee, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Analyzing galaxy spectra at an internship in Hawaii—one of the best places for astronomical observation.

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Keenan Mahan

Biochemistry & Molecular Biology major
Charlton, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Serving as president of the Pre-Med Society, and working in a neuroscience research lab.

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Molly Stevens

Microbiology major
West Roxbury, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: "Analyzing DNA using the PCR technique—my first try was perfect and so exciting!"

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Jay Gilbert

Food Science major
Berlin, N.H.
Coolest UMass Experience: Developing a new product: "Joe Nuts, liquid-filled solid foods. My partner and I hope to bring this product to market."

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Tara Mahendrarajah

Microbiology major
Framingham, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: “Working in a lab taught me what I’m capable of, and solidified my path toward a career in science.”

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Kyle Reeves

Chemistry major
Shirley, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Working in a chemistry research lab; learning to channel his passion for environmental conservation with his academic interests.

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Callie Ericson

Psychology major
Shrewsbury, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Spending a semester abroad in Cape Town, South Africa was “one of the most amazing experiences” and redirected her academic focus.

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Ashley Horner

Food Science major
Marshfield, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Developing a new flavor for the Italian line of Gatorade X-plore as a summer intern at PepsiCo.

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Matthew Liu

Chemistry major
Randolph, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Being the supplemental instructor for Organic Chemistry "helped me see how much I want to teach."

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Erika Otero

Biology major & Pre-med
Elmwook Park, N.J.
Coolest UMass Experience: Spending a semester abroad in Thailand and discovering that "whenever I had free time, I did things that only a bio major would do."

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Alexandra Clymer

Building & Construction Technology
Somerset, N.J.
Coolest UMass Experience: Visiting post-Katrina New Orleans and seeing first-hand the application of low-income, energy-efficient building. "I love to see new building projects go from start to finish."

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Nemat Sharaf

Boston, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Watching a blind woman regain her sight while volunteering in the ER. Working under Nobel Laureate Craig Mello at UMass Medical School.

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PJ Stanley Hamel

Winchester, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Helping Peruvian farmers learn skills to support their Alpaca herds. After vet school, hopes to care for large and wild animals internationally.

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Heather DeRoy

Geology & Psychology double major
Gardner, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Discovering she was a science person after all! Love inspiring middle-schoolers by using "fun" scientific activities.

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Dima Tokar

Microbiology & Finance double major
Brookline, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Working with scientists aboard the research ship Atlantis to study hydrothermal vents at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean.

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Dave Vaillencourt

Earth Systems major
Whitman, Mass.
Coolest UMass Experience: Spending last summer in arctic Norway doing climate research: "At midnight you'd have your sunglasses on."

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