Live & Learn

Honors College
Commonwealth Honors College offers a community to academically talented students and the opportunity to participate in small, intensive classes, interdisciplinary seminars, honors colloquia, and community service learning courses, as well as national and overseas study programs.
Residential opportunities
Residential Academic Programs (RAP) offer first-year students a living-learning community. Freshmen with similar academic interests live together on a residence hall, where they take one or two classes in their residence and develop study groups and peer mentoring skills as part of a living-learning community.
Take Advantage of the Five Colleges
Five College Interchange enables UMass students to take classes at no extra cost at Amherst, Hampshire, Mount Holyoke and Smith Colleges—all linked by a free bus system. You can start taking classes at the other four colleges during your second semester and may take up to 3 classes per semester. UMass students can also participate in and have access to facilities, libraries, cultural, and social events on these campuses.
Studying Abroad
CNS students may take advantage of a variety international exchange programs. The International Programs Office offers a range of semesterly and yearly opportunities, and there are plenty of English-speaking options, even in non-English countries. Most students choose to study abroad their junior year, and proper planning should enable you to graduate on time.
Domestic Exchange
If you want a change of pace without leaving the country, consider spending a semester or year at another U.S. college or university. Through the Domestic Exchange Office, UMass students can choose to study at over 160 participating schools at no extra cost in places such as Florida, Puerto Rico, Hawaii, California or even as close to home as Connecticut. With proper planning, going on a domestic exchange should not impact on your expected graduation date.
Interships and Coops
Mary Ellen Liseno (meliseno [at] acad [dot] umass [dot] edu), the career contact for CNS majors, and will help you in securing internships and coops. The Career Services Center is located at 512 Goddell; 545-2224.
Contribute to the Community
The Office of Community Service Learning has many opportunities for all types of service projects. Being involved in a community project can help you develop as a person while making a difference!
Get a Job
The Student Employment Office lists on- and off-campus job openings available for students. Many work study jobs offer students the opportunity to help fund their college careers while learning more about a field of study.