BS 60 credit courses

Courses acceptable for CNS 60 science credit count

  • ALL COURSES FROM CNS MAJORS COUNT: Animal Science, Astronomy, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Biology, Building and Construction Technology, Chemistry, Earth Systems, Environmental Science, Food Science, Geography, Geology, Mathematics and Statistics, Microbiology, Natural Resources Conservation, Plant, Soil, and Insect Sciences, Physics, Pre-Veterinary, Psychology, Sustainable Food and Farming, Sustainable Horticulture, Turfgrass Science and Management.
  • All courses from the College of Information and Computer Sciences count.
  • Courses from CNS-comparable 5-College majors count (e.g., CHEM@SMI)
Subject Course# GenEd Title Notes
ANTHRO103BSHuman Origins and Variationformerly 103 A/B "Intro Physical Anth"
ANTHRO281R2Research Methods Anthropologyformerly #'d 481
ANTHRO317BSPrimate Behavior
CHEM-ENG120R2Fundamentalsformerly #'d 225
CHEM-ENG290BBSChem Eng Princp/Biological Syst
E&C-ENG211Circuit Analysis Iformer #/title 211X, Syst Analysis I
E&C-ENG212Circuit Analysis IIformer #/title 212X, Syst Analysis II
E&C-ENG214Active Net Iformer #/title 214X Digital Electronics
E&C-ENG221Int Dig & Comp Sysall 221X titles OK for sci cr
E&C-ENG222Microprocessor Labformer title Int Comp Org Lng Prg
E&C-ENG242Data Structures & Algorithmsall 242X titles OK for sci cr
E&C-ENG357Field Analysis I
E&C-ENG358Field Analysis II
E&C-ENG361Fund of Elec Engr
ECON@SMI190R2Intro to Statistics & Econometrics
ECON309Game Theoryalso at Amherst Coll
EDUC276R2Erroneous Beliefsformerly #'d 290E
EDUC305Educational Psychologycross-listed with PSYCH 305
EDUC517R2Intro Comp Use Tchng
EDUC527Intro Ed Uses of Computers
ENGIN104EIntro To Engr Balso 104, 104A, 104H, 104N
ENGIN191ESem-First Year Prog
ENGIN191XS-C++ Prog Engineers
ENVIRDES597AST-Computers In Environmental Designalso 597A former course titles; course formerly GenEd R2
ESS@SMI150BSNutrition and Health
EXERSCI130BSIntro To Excsci
EXERSCI210BSHum Perf & Nutrition
EXERSCI478Exercise Physiologyis now KIN 470
FINOPMGT250Intrmd Stats/Business and Econformerly "Quantitative Tools Mgt"
FINOPMGT422Financial Engineering
FINOPMGT497HST-Advanced Topics in Finance
KIN100BSIntroduction to Kinesiology
KIN110BSHuman Performance & Nutrition
KIN470Exercise Physiology
LING201R2Intro to Linguistic Theory
LOGC@SMI100R2Valid & Invalid Reasoning
M&I-ENG201Intro Matl Science
M&I-ENG211Strength Of Material
M&I-ENG230Thermodynamics I
M&I-ENG460Human Factrs Engin I
MUSIC110R2Fundamentals of Theory
NUTRITN130BSNutr For Hlth Lfstylalso "Nutrition & People"
NUTRITN140BSNutrition, Weight & Fitness
NUTRITN230Basic Nutrition
PHIL110R2Introduction To Logicformerly #'d 125
PHIL511Modal Logic
PHIL513Math Logic I
PHIL@MNT210R2Logical Thought
PUBHLTH160SIMy Body, My Healthformerly Gen Ed BS-9/88-5/91
PUBHLTH390BIntro to Biostatistics in Public Health
PUBHLTH540R2Intro Biostatisticsformerly also 540W, 575
RES-ECON211R2Intro Statistics for the Life Sciences
RES-ECON212R2Intro Stats/Soc Sci
SOCIOL212R2Elem Statistics
SOCIOL313R2Survey Design and Analysisformerly "Qual Meth Soc Rsrch"
UWW222BSIntroduction to Body & Brain
UWW240BSIntro To Ecologyformerly #'d 290B