In July 2014, the Dean of the College of Natural Sciences, in collaboration with the VCRE, instituted a Neuroscience Strategic Planning Task Force charged with developing a strategic vision for neuroscience on the UMA campus. A Neuroscience Initiative Strategic Plan (link here) was completed in 2015, and in February 2016, a Neuroscience Summit was held to invite wide participation in furthering this vision and to expand connections to UMass Medical School (UMMS) and industry. University-wide activities, such as a Joint UMA-UMMS Neuroscience Research Retreat held in May 2016, continue in order to implement the objectives of this plan.

Strategic Plan

To learn more about neuroscience at UMass, download the Neuroscience Initiative Strategic Plan.

Neuroscience Summit 2016

Planning for the future of Neuroscience research and training at UMass Amherst

February 8-9 2016

Hosted by CNS, the Neuroscience Summit was an opportunity for the neuroscience research community of scholars, students and administrators from this campus, the Five Colleges, and the UMass Medical School to gather together to discuss opportunities for advancing neuroscience research and training at the university and beyond. This two-day program included presentations by UMass faculty and preeminent visiting neuroscientists and offered opportunities for discussion and input among attendees.

Summit Program

Neuroscience Summit 2016 Program

Summit Videos

Neuroscience Education

The Neuroscience and Behavior Graduate Program is an interdepartmental graduate degree-granting academic unit that brings together faculty members from various departments to provide cutting-edge research training. The UMass Neurosicence track provides undergraduate students with a specialized set of courses and experiences in neuroscience.