Courses Using Greenhouse Facilities

151 Introductory Biology

Number of students: 1,200
Materials Provided: Students use plants to demonstrate principles of experimental design and hormone action. A flower and fruit lab depends on materials provided by the greenhouses.

105 Biology of Social Issues

Number of students: 400
Materials Provided: Teosinte plants are compared to domesticated maize.

280 Evolution

Number of students: 200
Materials Provided: Living representatives of major plant groups are used and greenhouse tours are arranged.

283 General Genetics

Number of students: 200
Materials Provided: Principles of genetics are presented by providing mutant plants and by using plants to illustrate Mendelian ratios and the frequency of natural mutations.

510 Plant Physiology

Number of students: 60
Materials Provided: Greenhouse plants are used to demonstrate aspects of growth and development.

421 Plant Ecology

Number of students: 48
Materials Provided: Certain plants are used for demonstrations. Plant competition experiments are performed in the greenhouse.

426 New England Flora

Number of students: 40
Materials Provided: To supplement field trips, examples of greenhouse-grown plants are examined every week.

Please note:

  • Enrollment figures are approximate.
  • Courses are not offered every semester and some are not offered every year.