Giving Profile

Picture of Eric Nelson

Eric Nelson, ’72

Owner, Winimusset Brook Tree Company

My mother was always there to help us get by. It feels good to help others exactly as she helped us.

Like all Stockbridge School of Agriculture alumni, Eric Nelson ’72 works hard every day. He single handedly tends to his 40 acre farm, Winimusset Brook Tree Company, in New Braintree, MA. Eric grew up in Worcester, the son of a firefighter. He credits his strong work ethic to both of his parents, and the depth of his agricultural knowledge to Stockbridge. Of his time at Stockbridge, Eric said. “I was taught by experts like Dr. Troll and Alden Tuttle who were very invested in helping students learn the material and understand the concepts. I vividly recall Professor Mosher leading us on walks through the woods during snowstorms and warning that the entire class will fail if he got hit with a snowball. We had many good times that I’ll always remember.”

It was Eric’s appreciation for Stockbridge that led him to bequest a gift to Stockbridge in his Will and to share this news with the Stockbridge School. After discussing the many options, Eric decided to create a scholarship with his bequest in honor of his mother. The Elizabeth Marguerite Nelson Scholarship will be awarded by the Stockbridge team to students who are in urgent need of financial assistance in order to remain enrolled and achieve their Stockbridge degree.

Picture of Eric Nelson at his Winimusset Brook Tree CompanyWhile the majority of the funding for the Elizabeth Marguerite Nelson Scholarship will be received after Eric passes away, he chose to also make modest present day donations so the Stockbridge team could begin to distribute the scholarship during his lifetime. In the three months since he created the scholarship, two Stockbridge students have already received this much needed funding. Eric shared: “My mother was always there to give us some cash here and there to help us get by. It feels good to help others exactly as she helped us."

If you are interested in creating a scholarship in honor of a loved one, please contact Chelsea Gwyther, or (413) 577-6422.