Faculty Profiles

Picture of Steve Schneider

Steve Schneider


Astronomy; faculty page


I study issues of low surface brightness (and possibly "no surface brightness") objects. I am...

I love the excitement when you look out there and know it’s all real. It stretches your mind.

Picture of Peter Chien

Peter Chien


Protein degradation is a powerful mechanism of controlling protein function. Damaged or...

Science offers a never-ending problem. There’s this wonderful puzzle to start solving.

Picture of Wilmore Webley

Wilmore Webley


Microbiology; faculty page


My research has focused on two parallel themes: (1) understanding chlamydial interaction with...

I am passionate about teaching, learning and mentoring, and UMass is a unique sandbox.

Picture of Lisa Harvey

Lisa Harvey


My research centers around the early development of ADHD and disruptive behavior disorders in...

I'm particularly drawn to questions that really matter in people’s lives.

Picture of Krista Gile

Krista Gile


I develop statistical methodology for social and behavioral science research, especially making...

When students sit with me and say, "can you help me?" it creates an opening for growth.

Picture of Heath Hatch

Heath Hatch


Physics; faculty page


I am the CNS Director of Program Development and a teacher.

I approach teaching by asking myself: if I were these students, what would I struggle with?

Picture of Jenny Ross

Jenny Ross


Physics; faculty page


I study microtubules, strong, hollow tubes that provide structure to a vast variety of cells,...

Tony Stark is my ideal scientist. He has a problem and he solves it. That's what I want for my students.