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Building Bridges showcase highlights staff art, immigrant voices

April 10, 2019

College of Natural Sciences staff members were among many others admiring the work of their colleagues in the busy Fine Arts Center atrium on Tuesday, April 9. The one-day event featured food, workshops, and performances, with over 85 UMass staff exhibiting or performing.  

The Building Bridges initiative fosters new connections among UMass community members who come from greatly varied backgrounds and hold differing perspectives. It provides an opportunity to become actively engaged in a university-wide community, no matter what one’s role or job on campus may be. This spring’s event included live music, folk songs and dancing, a selfie station, and a workshop tent where participants could try their hands at diverse art forms, from pressed glass to fly-tying to bath bombs.  

Collage of images from Building Bridges showcase

CNS staff participants this spring included returning artists Karen Hakala and Marv Ellin, both of the chemistry department, and Jimmy Wright (interdisciplinary graduate programs) and Eugenie Micelotta (geosciences). CNS students Monali Faldu and Yasmine Langman (biology) were able to participate through a service-learning class connected to the Building Bridges initiative.  

The spring showcase also featured snapshots from conversations that took place in the Our Immigrant Voices course during fall 2018 and spring 2019. Course participants selected the featured quotes and offered visitors a chance to participate in showcasing their own immigrant story by tracing their family’s origins on a world map. 

Collage of images from Building Bridges showcase 

Building Bridges is a partnership between Labor/Management Workplace Education, the Division of Human Resources, Civic Engagement and Service Learning, and the Office of Equity and Inclusion.  

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