Icebergs, sediment and sheep

Icebergs, sediment and sheep

Field notes from Greenland

July 27, 2018

Postdoc Will Daniels shares photos and updates from his summer research trip to Greenland with several colleagues. 

From Daniels' blog For Love of Limnology: 

From June 29 to July 11, 2018, I traveled with a research group from University of Massachusetts to South Greenland in a scientific campaign to calibrate paleoclimate proxies. The overarching goal of the project, which is led by UMass professors Isla Castañeda and Ray Bradley, is to test the hypothesis that climate change may have forced the exodus of Norse settlers from Greenland around the year 1450 AD. Sediment cores have already been collected, and our efforts this field season were to collect soil, sediment, and plant samples in order to improve our understanding of leaf wax and GDGT systematics in these Arctic systems. . . . We were blessed with magnificent scenery – icebergs rolling over in the fjord, flocks of lambs and ewes scattered around the hills, huge mountains hidden in the clouds, lakes perched in unexpected places, fields of blooming buttercups, tongues of the Greenland Ice Sheet. I became accustomed to seeing sheep everywhere we went. 

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