CNS Faculty Receive Lecturer’s Professional Development Fund Awards

The College of Natural Sciences is pleased to announce the recipients of the Spring 2018 Lecturer’s Professional Development Fund award.

Congratulations to:

  • Sara Berquist, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, received an award to attend the Sustainable Agriculture Education Association’s Conference in Hawaii.
  • Forrest Bowlick, Geosciences, received an award to attend the 2018 University Consortium of Geographic Information Science Symposium in Wisconsin.
  • David Kastor, Physics, received an award to support his participation in the Cosmology and Gravitational Physics with Lambda workshop in Sweden.
  • Ho-Sung Kim, Environmental Conservation, received an award to participate in the Conceptual Estimating course by the Design-Build Institute of America in PA.
  • Heather Reed, Microbiology, received an award to attend the American Society for Microbiology’s Conference on Undergraduate Educators in Austin, Texas.
  • Ashley Woodman, Psychological & Brain Sciences, received an award to support her attendance at the International Society for Autism Researchers Conference in the Netherlands.

The six recipients were awarded funding through this highly competitive process for activities to help them to develop their effectiveness as teachers and mentors. The Lecturer’s Professional Development Fund Award is granted based on the relevance of the Lecturer’s proposal to further develop their professional career as well as the potential to contribute to the University’s mission of teaching and research. This is the first year that this award program has been available for Lecturers in the College of Natural Sciences.

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