Colloquia - Astronomy Department

Extreme Feedback and the Gas Around Galaxies

Aleksandar Diamond-Stanic, Bates College

Thursday, November 16, 2017: 3:45pm
1033 Lederle Tower

Refreshments available from 3:45-4:00 PM in 1033 LGRT lounge.

Our understanding of galaxy evolution centers around questions of how gas gets into galaxies, how it participates in star formation and black hole growth, and how it is returned to its galactic surroundings via feedback. I will present observational results on the geometry and kinematics of outflowing and inflowing gas around galaxies, including measurements of ejective feedback that is capable of shutting down star formation by removing the cold gas supply. These results have broader implications for how gas is consumed and expelled at the centers of galaxies and for the limits of feedback from stellar processes. I will also discuss prospects for characterizing the physical properties of gas in and around galaxies using multi-wavelength spectroscopy with existing and future facilities.

Event Contact

Connie Milne
(413) 545-2194