Four CNS students selected as UMass Rising Researchers

CNS Students with Chancellor - 2018 Rising Researchers
May 3, 2018

Chancellor Kumble Subbaswamy presented the Rising Researcher awards to some of UMass' most promising undergraduate students to publicly acknowledge their excellent work. They include these CNS students: Shelby Cox ‘18, Mathematics & Statistics and Linguistics double major with a track record of superb academic performance and leadership abilities in the field of mathematics and statistics. She also established and led the UMass chapter of the Association for Women in Mathematics. Eric Sommers, her advisor and teacher, says “Shelby’s superb performance and leadership make her deserving of the Rising Researcher award.” William Eagen ’18, Microbiology ‘18, under the guidance of Microbiology assistant professor Yasu Morita, designed and executed a series of labor-intensive experiments, and uncovered copper as one specific agent to which a glycolipid-defective mutant had become hypersensitive, indicating that a glycolipid-targeted chemotherapy might create synergy with existing antibiotics, a possible step towards tuberculosis treatment. The study was just published in Microbiology Letters, a prestigious journal of the Federation of European Microbiological Societies. Kaitlyn McGarvey ’18, Veterinary and Animal Sciences, has been working in Professor Rafael Fissore’s lab investigating the molecular mechanisms of calcium (Ca2+) homeostasis in female reproductive cells (oocytes) with the ultimate goal of overcoming infertility. Charlotte LaPlante ‘18, English and Biology double major, joined Laura Vandenberg’s lab in 2015. LaPlante investigated whether environmental chemicals that bind to estrogen receptors could block or enhance the protective effects of pregnancy. Read more.