Teaching Lab Upgrades--thanks to your lab fees!

I'm delighted to show you what your lab fees have accomplished—we've used them to upgrade classrooms for the departments of Biology, Physics and Environmental Conservation! And the good news is that we will continue to upgrade additional classrooms in future.

Here are the most recent upgrades:

  • Morrill III, Room 339, now has new projection equipment, AC, shades, electrical drops, lab benches and seating.
  • Morrill III, Room 343, improvements include lab benches, seating, electrical drops, AC, projection equipment, and exhaust fans.
  • Projection equipment was also added to five additional teaching labs in Morrill.
  • Electrical drops were added in Biology teaching labs to make microscopy more convenient and eliminates tripping hazards.
  • In Hasbrouck, Physics Teaching Lab initial upgrades consisted of cosmetic improvements and better lighting.
  • ECO teaching labs in Holdsworth have new technology that allows for team based learning!