What is iCons?

iCons is an 18-credit academic program offered by the College of Natural Sciences at the University of Massachusetts, Amherst. iCons provides integrative science education in the following tracks:


Mission Statement: To produce the next generation of leaders in science and technology with the attitudes, knowledge, and skills needed to solve the inherently multi-faceted problems facing our world.

iCons does not replace your major, it enhances your major by giving you an opportunity to work with an interdisciplinary team of students and apply your knowledge to existing problems of global significance.

The iCons program is composed of three courses (one per year) and a senior thesis project. Our curriculum integrates scientific expertise across disciplines and gives students the opportunity to work on real-world problems from day one. This program will give you collaborative learning experiences, discovery-based projects, leadership development, and multi-disciplinary analytical skills. The first course in the four-year program, iCons I: Global Challenges, Scientific Solutions, launched in spring 2011 with the first iCons cohort.

Today's challenges will be met through research at the boundaries between scientific disciplines. iCons will give you the training to be one of tomorrow's scientific leaders.

For details on the academic specifics of iCons, please see the
Academics page or download our at-a-glance document.