Why iCons?

The UMass Amherst iCons program prepares our best undergraduates to be problem solvers, leaders and innovators in science and technology. iCons faculty recruit top tier students across a diverse range of science and engineering disciplines to identify global problems and find cutting edge solutions. The iCons program positions students for high achievement in graduate school and in their careers.

iCons Grand Finales wrap up a great Spring 2016 semester!

Third Axis iCons Cohort

The events in iCons over the past two weeks have seen the graduation of the third cohort, a thrilling energy debate , and some compelling poster sessions and talks. On April 29th, the iCons Program graduated its third cohort, “The Third Axis”. 35 students gave their final iCons poster session or final talk, celebrated with family and friends, and basked in the glory of completing iCons, certificate and tassel in hand.

The iCons 3 Renewable Energy lab presented their original research and findings in an e-poster session. Students tackled problems such as: the removal of contaminants from fracking waste water and the design and production of edible utensils.

The iCons 2 Fifth Annual Energy Debate on May 4th, saw some riveting performances and some sharp retorts, but in the end, high fives were had. The Smart Solar team took the win!

iCons 2 students in the biomedicine / biosystems track had a friendly poster competition. Even though the results were close, the winner was: Aquaporins: The Future of Clean Water.

Great job to all students! See you next year!

iCons 1 & 2 Poster Session & Annual Energy Debate Weds. 5/4

iCons 1 & iCons 2 Biomedicine Poster Session

iCons 1 & 2 Poster Session & Annual Energy Debate (Wed May 4, 6-8pm, ISB 135)

Come see this year's combined finale for iCons 1 and 2 students: iCons 1 students will present original team-developed case studies, some of which may be studied by next year’s iCons 1 students, and iCons 2 Biomedicine students will share the results of their final team research projects.

At 7:00 p.m. head into the auditorium (ISB 135) to hear select teams from the iCons 2 Renewable Energy class engage in the Annual Public Energy Debate on the following question:

•Which proposal will likely create a quantifiably positive impact on campus sustainability that starts within the next 5 years and continues thereafter?

•Smart Solar
•Smart Recycling
•Smart Lighting

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