Why iCons?

The UMass Amherst iCons program prepares our best undergraduates to be problem solvers, leaders and innovators in science and technology. iCons faculty recruit top tier students across a diverse range of science and engineering disciplines to identify global problems and find cutting edge solutions. The iCons program positions students for high achievement in graduate school and in their careers.

iCons director Scott Auerbach's letter about iCons and collaborative education published in Nature

The August 20, 2015, issue of Nature features a letter from iCons director Scott Auerbach about the important role iCons plays in helping STEM students develop skills for real-world problems, offering solutions to companies and organizations competing in today's global economy.

Her iCons experience helped Hannah French create a renewable energy workshop for children

Hannah French '15, a graduate of the iCons program, told Nashua Publishing that she was able to develop a one-day workshop to help children understand energy and its renewable and non-renewable sources because of her iCons experience, where she had worked with students with different interests and they were able to complement each other’s skills and knowledge.
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