CNS Women in Science Initiative

The CNS Women in Science Initiative (WISI) focuses on increasing the success of women scientists at all stages of their academic careers. WISI offers special programs and events, and connects women scientists through campus organizations and community outreach, and provides helpful off-campus resources for women scientists.

Cristina Cox-Fernandes, Biology, was featured on WAMC’s nationally syndicated science series, “The Academic Minute," discussing how she and colleagues discovered a new genus and species of electric knifefish in tributaries of Brazil’s Negro River. WAMC, Inside Higher Ed, News release

Jennifer Albertine '13 PhD, Stockbridge School of Agriculture, and a postdoctoral researcher in Environment Conservation, was interviewed by about a new study that she was first author on that strongly suggests there will be notable increases in grass pollen production and allergen exposure leading to a significant, worldwide impact on human health due to predicted rises in carbon dioxide (CO2) and ozone (O3) caused by climate change, as published in PLOS ONE. News release

Linda R. Tropp, Psychological and Brain Sciences, and director, psychology of peace and violence program, has with colleagues released the first in a series of reports about why discrimination persists in education and health care and science-based interventions to change it. The report is called “The Science of Equality Volume I: Addressing Implicit Bias, Racial Anxiety and Stereotype Threat in Education and Health Care”. News release

Molly Lutcavage, Environmental Conservation and director, Large Pelagics Research Center, with postdoctoral fellow Angelia Vanderlaan and colleagues, have been awarded a $145,694 grant from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) to design, conduct and analyze the first autonomous aerial vehicle surveys of Atlantic bluefin tuna to provide fishery-independent regional estimates of their numbers. World Fishing, Portland Press-Herald,, Marine Technology News, WGBH-TV 2, Times-Union, WSHM-TV 3, The Republic, Fosters Daily Democrat, Boston Globe, The Fishing Wire,, Maine Public Broadcasting, WWLP-TV 22, Telegram & Gazette, news release

Anne G. Stengle, Biology doctoral candidate, was a guest on the ABC television program “Ocean Mysteries” to talk about her timber rattlesnake research. UMass Amherst alumnus Jeff Corwin hosts the show. Daily Hampshire Gazette