CNS Women in Science Initiative

The CNS Women in Science Initiative (WISI) focuses on increasing the success of women scientists at all stages of their academic careers. WISI offers special programs and events, and connects women scientists through campus organizations and community outreach, and provides helpful off-campus resources for women scientists.

Julie Brigham-Grette, Geosciences, is profiled for her new position as chair of the U.S. National Academy of Sciences’ Polar Research Board and for being chief U.S. scientist for the International Lake El’gygytgyn Drilling Project in Siberia. The article also mentioned other UMass Amherst scientists involved with the study: Isla Castenada, Rob DeConto, and Stephen Burns, all Geosciences. Daily Hampshire Gazette, News release

Ruth Hazzard, UMass Extension, was interviewed for an article on how the blight on tomatoes is affecting some farmers and home gardeners in the region this year. Republican

Susannah B. Lerman, Environmental Conservation, is featured in a New England Public Radio story about Neighborhood Nestwatch, a study of backyard birds in the area. New England Public Radio

Margaret A. Riley, Biology, says antibiotics can be a problem because they kill all bacteria in the body, good and bad, in a story about the use and abuse of antibiotics.

Megan Hsia '17, Psychological and Brain Sciences, is one of five inaugural recipients of James J. Karam Scholarships, named in honor of the South Coast business and civic leader, who is also a former chairman of the Board of Trustees. Hsia is the only UMass Amherst student to win the award, which is renewable for up to four years. Herald News, News release