The Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising team helps students interested in healthcare fields make informed decisions about their career goals and supports them as they prepare for the application and interview process. In his monthly blog, Director Wilmore Webley shares important advice for navigating this process.

Choosing Your List of Medical Schools

There are 141 MD and 34 DO accredited medical schools in the US and the average UMass Amherst student applies to 20 schools. An important question that you should ask yourself is, which schools fit best with my GPA, MCAT scores, personality, needs and preferences?

Maximizing Your Winter Break

Winter break is a great time to relax but it can also be a great time to reflect and explore options for the spring and summer.

The Double-Major and the Pre-Health Student

Many students believe that choosing a double-major will help them gain competitiveness for medical or dental school. 

Clinical Experience Abroad: What You Should Know

Importance of acquiring clinical experience: Obtaining meaningful clinical experience in preparation for medical school or other graduate study in the health professions is very important. We have seen applicants with excellent...

Recommendation Letters for Health Professions Schools: Whom to Ask and How

Whether you are a freshman on the PreMed/PreHealth track or getting ready to apply in the 2019 – 2020 application cycle, it is never too early to start thinking about your letters of recommendation.