Career Spotlights

Career Spotlights highlight the many opportunities for students interested in careers in healthcare, with detailed job descriptions, information on requirements to enter the field, projections for growth in that field, and other valuable details.

Often ranked among the top 100 careers by US News and World Report, pharmacy is a field that offers more versatility than most people realize.

In the Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising Office, many students say that they want to go to medical school or dental school. However, only a percentage of students who say that in their freshman year, maintain that goal through to graduation. Additionally, not everyone who stays with that goal and applies to medical or dental school gets accepted. Therefore, we often try to encourage students to consider the many other rewarding careers within healthcare. No matter how sure you are of going to medical or dental school, there is a great way to learn about career options in the field of healthcare – including, but not limited to, medicine and dentistry.

At the center of healthcare reform is a mandate to serve patients more effectively with changes that lead to better health outcomes and lower costs. A relatively new and emerging field in healthcare that seeks to address this goal is health informatics.

Radiology is a branch of healthcare that involves the use of radiant energy such as x-rays or radioactive material in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Careers in radiology span a wide range of options, with a wide range of educational requirements.

A common question in some medical school interviews is, “If you don’t get accepted to medical school, what would you do instead?” Since more than half of people who apply to medical school do not get accepted, this is an important question to think about well before a medical school interview. Having a well-thought-out “Plan B” shows that you are grounded in reality—a quality that demonstrates maturity and wisdom.