Career Spotlights

Career Spotlights highlight the many opportunities for students interested in careers in healthcare, with detailed job descriptions, information on requirements to enter the field, projections for growth in that field, and other valuable details.

Radiology is a branch of healthcare that involves the use of radiant energy such as x-rays or radioactive material in the diagnosis and treatment of disease. Careers in radiology span a wide range of options, with a wide range of educational requirements. Read more.

A common question in some medical school interviews is, “If you don’t get accepted to medical school, what would you do instead?” Since more than half of people who apply to medical school do not get accepted, this is an important question to think about well before a medical school interview. Having a well-thought-out “Plan B” shows that you are grounded in reality—a quality that demonstrates maturity and wisdom.

With a bachelor’s degree and a one-year specialized training, it is possible to become certified as a Cardiovascular Technologist. This field could be a great choice as a step toward medical school or as a long-term career.

Physician Assistants, also known as PAs, practice medicine on teams with physicians, surgeons, and other healthcare workers. PAs work in hospitals, private medical offices, and other healthcare settings, where they order and interpret diagnostic tests, as well as diagnose, treat, and educate patients.

Most people believe that athletic training is synonymous with personal training. However, athletic trainers receive a medical model of instruction...