Application Timeline

Candidates who wish to enter medical or dental school begin the application process 12-16 months prior to matriculation. Keep in mind that medical and dental schools start in August.

Sample timeline

November - January

  • Attend the mandatory meeting for applicants (held in late Nov/early Dec and announced through the PreMed/PreHealth email list).
  • Have initial meeting with your pre-med/pre-health advisor.
  • Begin drafting your personal statement.
  • Begin to ask for letters of recommendation.
  • Submit application to MCAT, DAT or other appropriate testing agency.


January - September

  • Take MCAT (pre-med) (January-August).
  • Take DAT (pre-dent) (January-September).

February - April

  • Meet with pre-med/pre-health advisor.
  • Provide up-to-date information about academic record, extracurricular activities, independent study, senior honors, etc.


  • Order handbook from medical, dental or other health profession schools

May - August

  • Work on AMCAS/AACOMAS application (pre-med)
  • Work on AADSAS application (pre-dent)
  • Remember—YOU are responsible for requesting transcripts from each college/university you have attended and ONLY the appropriate registrar can send your transcripts to the appropriate application service, school, etc.
  • Complete all forms mailed from the Pre-Med/Pre-Health Advising office.

June 1- August 1

  • Submit all applications. (While it is true that all medical and dental schools have deadlines later than September 1, past experience compels us to recommend that you get all the applications completed and sent before you get involved in classes, exams, etc., in September.)


  • Retake MCAT if necessary.
  • Interviews at schools begin.


  • Acceptances begin to be sent out (pre-med).


  • Acceptances begin to be sent out (pre-dent).

August of the following year

  • Matriculate to health profession school!